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"ASHIATO RECORDS" is a private label launched by Japanese singer-songwriter "Atsushi Kohyama" in the hope of leaving his footprints in music scene. Musicians sympathizing with his purpose are doing musical activities at their own pace.


We are going to cosponsor to "HARADISE Version Hankei 500m".

ASHIATO RECORDS is going to cosponsor to "KBS Kyoto Radio Special Program - HARADISE Version Hankei 500m" broadcasted on 30th October 2022.


"HARADISE LIVE" is the live concert that has been held every year since 2010 by singer-songwriter & teacher "Hiroyuki Harada"

When he was unable to perform live due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, he arrived at a new attempt called "RADIO HARADISE".


The title of this year's program, which will be the third time, is "HARADISE Version Hankei 500m".

Talks and live performances will be held with the theme of "You and me and this person and that person".


please check it, and listen or watch it.

ASHIATO RECORDS has been co-sponsoring Hiroyuki Harada's HARADISE LIVE / RADIO HARADISE every year since 2016.

KBS Kyoto Radio Special Program - HARADISE Version Hankei 500m


30th October 2022 14:00 (JST) ON AIR



Performed by 原田博行(Vo & Gt), 浅野浩太(g), 有田さとこ(b), 恩田貴則(key), 野本暁(per), 日置ナオヤ(g), 福島明彦(g)


PUBLIC TALK "You and me and this person and that person"

Talked by 原田博行 & 円城新子 (Chief Editor, Hankei 500m)