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We are going to cosponsor to "RADIO HARADISE".

ASHIATO RECORDS is going to cosponsor to "KBS Kyoto 70th Anniversary Special Program - Sound Version Hankei 500m × RADIO HARADISE" broadcasted on 23rd October 2021.


"HARADISE LIVE" is the live concert that has been held every year since 2010 by singer-songwriter & teacher "Hiroyuki Harada"

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, it became impossible to perform last year.

However, he didn't give up and produced "RADIO HARADISE".

It's a new attempt to broadcast a live program on the radio and at the same time the scenery of the studio on the Internet.


We will not be able to hold an event this year either.

However, HARADISE continues.

The 2nd year RADIO HARADISE is a 3-hour live program as a special program commemorating the 70th anniversary of KBS Kyoto.

please check it, and listen or watch it.

ASHIATO RECORDS has been co-sponsoring Hiroyuki Harada's HARADISE LIVE / RADIO HARADISE every year since 2016.

KBS Kyoto 70th Anniversary Special Program - Sound Version Hankei 500m × RADIO HARADISE


23rd October 2021 13:00 (JST) ON AIR



Performed by 原田博行(Vo & Gt), 浅野浩太 (Gt), 有田さとこ (Ba), 恩田貴則 (key), 野本暁 (Dr), 日置ナオヤ (Gt)


PUBLIC TALK "Continue to Convey the Daily Life of Kyoto"

Talked by 原田博行 & 円城新子 (Chief Editor, Hankei 500m)



The corporate logo of "Jinja Bukkaku Online Co., Ltd." has been created.

We have created the corporate logo of "Jinja Bukkaku Online Co., Ltd.".

On the basis of the concept of "a sustainable future for temples, shrines and Japanese culture," we have designed it to reflect the client's corporate philosophy and thoughts.

This logo is used on the official website and the printed matters such as business cards.

The video of "Kousui", covered by Atsushi Kohyama, is released!

Atsushi Kohyama covered Eito's single "Kousui".

I can't forget its iconic melody.

We are going to cosponsor to "HARADISE LIVE".

ASHIATO RECORDS is going to cosponsor to "HARADISE LIVE" held on 19th October 2019.

"HARADISE LIVE", the live concert perfomed by singer-songwriter & teacher "Hiroyuki Harada", is the 10th anniversary!


Mr. Harada arranged the chorus part for CLEYERA's single "Love me! Kiss me!".

We are not going to perform in the concert, but please check it!


CLEYERA’s new single "Love me! Kiss me!" is released!

CLEYERA’s new single "Love me! Kiss me!" is released!

Available for download worldwide via iTunes StoreAmazon MusicSpotify etc..

Please download at your favorite store!

Digital Distribution Single "Love me! Kiss me!" - CLEYERA

Love me! Kiss me!

CLEYERA's 1st digital distribution single is a stunning 1960s surf rock number.


Released Date: July 15, 2019



Love me! Kiss me!(Words & Music by Atsushi Kohyama)


Distribution Stores:

Available for download worldwide via iTunes Store, Amazon Music, Spotify etc..

Click here for the list of distribution stores.